I am a writer living in Brooklyn. Being plagued by an obsession with cooking and eating, I’ve taken to the Internet to display the fruits of my crazed enthusiasm.


My tastes are eclectic and global, and I try to use unprocessed food, as well as locally farmed produce and meat as often as I can. My policy is that anything that can be made at home, should be. So I do a lot of my own pickling and condiment-making. I dislike overcomplicated, prissy pastries, rococo cake decorations, and anything made with soy products that isn’t traditionally East Asian.

This blog is just an account of what I cook week to week. Some of the recipes are my own, others I’ve adapted from cookbooks and blogs.  I hope you like what you see.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your recipes because they’re not boring and cookie-cutter like so many other blogs. However, I really wish that your photos weren’t mostly so dark and off color and distracting.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I am new to food blogging, and only recently got an actual camera and started taking ‘good’ photos more conscientiously.

    Alas, it appears that my pictures, like myself, remain dark, off-color, and distracting.

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