Peach Chutney

At Phillip’s Farms this week the trees available to the pick-your-own pickers were heavy with gorgeous peaches—almost none of them ripe, unfortunately. Not that that stopped us taking home a couple buckets full, cheap as they were. Having deposited a bucket’s worth with my parents, I decided to make chutney with what remained, and what a chutney it was.

My boyfriend was out at a poker game and I was planning a most depressing evening of takeout and The Gilmore Girls, when lo and behold, I remembered our underripe peaches. No need for takeout when you can have pork chops with peach chutney. So there was still Gilmore Girls involved in my evening, but all the novels I’m reading are too serious and the nip in the air makes me remember that I have to go back to teaching in a few weeks, so Lorelai and Rory’s antics are a blessed, rose-tinted necessity right now.

I ate my pork chops and peach chutney with sautéed kale and roast potatoes. It was a magical feast for one.

Peach Chutney

1.5 lbs peaches

1-tablespoon olive oil

½ cup chopped onion

2 garlic cloves, minced

¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes

1-cup cider vinegar

¼ cup maple syrup or honey

½ cup raisins

Salt and pepper

1.)   Poach peaches in boiling water for ten minutes or until soft and fragrant. Cool by running under cold water and then remove the pits and chop.

IMG_0299 IMG_0303

2.)   Sautee onion and garlic until soft, ten minutes.

3.)   Add red pepper flakes and stir one minute, until fragrant.


4.)   Add peaches, vinegar, maple syrup or honey, and raisins, and season with salt and pepper. Bring to boil, reduce heat and continue cooking on medium low until peaches soften, about twenty minutes. Add water if the liquid boils out before the peaches have fully cooked.



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