Pickled Carrots

I enjoy the semi-mystical transmogrification that comes from pickling. From out of the misty, swampy, dilly brine the cucumber becomes the pickle. I am the alchemist and the millions of microbes doing the fermentation are the elements of nature I manipulate with my magical powers.

For this recipe I mixed together orange, purple, and white carrots. The purple bled out, making the brine turn burgundy. I love the way the colors change day by day and listening to the bubbling brine as I go about cooking for the week. This pickle is fermented with the cap on, which means that it carbonates, sometimes ferociously. In order to prevent the jars from exploding you just have to unscrew them for a few minutes every day. That should keep the bubbles calm.

Ginger Orange Carrots

Recipe Adapted from picklemetoo.com

2 cinnamon sticks

4 lbs carrots, cut into finger sized sticks

2 walnut-sized chunks of ginger, thinly sliced

Zest from 2 oranges

½ cup honey, boiled

2 quarts filtered water

4 teaspoons sea salt

1.) Chop carrots. This may take awhile.


2.)   Make brine. Filter water and dissolve salt in it.

3.)   Warm 1 cup brine with the boiled honey. Cool to room temperature.


4.)   In two thoroughly cleaned half gallon jars, add cinnamon, ginger and zest.

5.)   Pack carrots into jars and pour in cooled honeyed brine. Add  more brine and fill until the carrots are covered. Remember to leave a decent amount of space between the liquid and the cap. This prevents explosions.

6.)   Weigh carrots down to make sure they don’t float to the top. This may happen over time as they become more buoyant. Discard any carrots that manage to float above the brine.

7.)   Allow to ferment at room temperature for 5 to 7 days, uncapping them for a minute or so every day, until the carbonation has stopped.

Day One                                                                                        Day Three


Day Five



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